The archive is a collection of some of my favourite notebooks and re-binds I have made and already sold.

Each one can be inspiration for your own personalised notebook, and see why I chose the combinations and quotes that I did. 


Nevertheless She Persisted...

I love this book, the colours together are a classic combination, these endpapers are from the Esme Winter collection and called Frequency. “Nevertheless, she persisted" is taken from a statement by Senator leader Mitch McConnell after the United States Senate voted to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren's objections to confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General. It has become a rallying cry to women everywhere not to be silenced.


A Woman without a man is like a Fish without a bicycle

This quote tickles me everytime i read it, i love it so much and when i found the fish endpapers in Paperchase I let out a tiny squeal as i knew it would work so well with it. The quote is often attributed to Gloria Steinem, but she has ascribed the words to the Australian social activist Irina Dunn who claimed that she created the adage and wrote it on a bathroom wall in 1970


Smash the Patriarchy

I love the endpapers on this book, they are fast becoming my favourites and i was so happy when i found it in Paperchase i bought alot of it! The blue covering material matches the darker blue of the paper so well i knew i had to make a notebook with this combination.


She believed She could, so She did.

This is probably my favourite notebook i have made recently, i love grey and orange together and i was so happy that i managed to match the orange of the endpapers with the orange for the tooling. The saying ‘she believed she could so she did’ comes from a book by R.S Grey called ‘scoring wilder’ it's a teen romance novel about a girl trying to get the guy, i was surprised it was from this, expecting loftier feminist literature.



This is a photo album, the plastic on each page peels back and the pictures stick to the page. I love that this is a hashtag on a physical photo album. The endpapers are from Paperchase and i love the design, they feel very classical once again juxtaposed with the new.


here's the thing, Fuck everyone

The statement is from one of my favourite podcasts, My Favourite murder. It’s a podcast about true crime and hosted by two amazing women who talk openly and candidly about their obsession with true crime. I love the yellow cloth, its old library stock and is therefore really hard wearing. It’s so bright and cheerful I really like the juxtaposition with the harsher sentiment of the statement. The fish endpapers then just finish off the whimsy of the notebook.


Strong Girls Club

I love the endpapers on this book, I found them in Oliver Bonas, and knew I had to have them. This is a good example of using wrapping paper as endpapers. The strong girls club is apart of the brand, it is a company set up by the hugely talented Gemma to empower women and specifically mothers who are beating themselves up trying to be ‘perfect’. I love this brand and all it stands for.